WOD = Workout Of The Day

WOD ALL LEVELS: Constantly varied of high intensity functional movements class for all members. New athletes are welcome.

FUNDAMENTALS: A structured  class that introduces new athletes to all of the basic movements most frequently contained in WOD's. Everyone who purchased at trial pack and all members are eligible to attend for free.

WOMEN'S FITNESS CLASS: Our Women's class in one-hour fitness party of fast-paced and fun workout led by our women's team.

MORNING REV: 45-minute session focused on body weight movements to build strength, endurance and burn calories. No technical lift movements, a great starting point for anyone on their Fitness journey.

CARDIO WARS: 45-minute session of rowing and assault bikes designed to improve stamina and burn HUGE calories.

SKILLS: A technical session devoted to improving skills through progressions and drills. 

ENDURANCE:  Taking advantage of lighter weekend traffic, this session mixes in a solid dose of running in the WOD to spice up your conditioning work.

HEAVY METAL: A strength-focused session. This barbell-bending bonanza will be focused on heavy lifts.

#FITFAM: Fun sessions for kids aged 4-15 with a focus on developing good habits of an active lifestyle through functional training movements and gameplay. Parents welcome!

MET-CON MONTAGE: An hour-long adventure in cardio and calorie-burning to kick off your Saturday morning.

CHALLENGE WOD: Designed to boost endurance, burn calories, & test determination, using simple but effective movements.

HERO WOD: Workouts dedicated to those who lost their lives in the service or defense of others. Typically, the most challenging of all  workouts, but they may be scaled to accommodate emerging athletes.

OPEN GYM: Open Gym is available ONLY to members. Athletes need a BCF Coach's approval before they can attend open gym sessions to verify proficiency in movement skills and technique, so that athletes won't hurt themselves. Athletes should use Open Gym hours to work on elusive skills (i.e. Double-Unders, Pistols, & Toes-to-Bars), practice and refine olympic lifts (Cleans, Snatches, & Jerks) and perform basic lifts (Squats, Presses, Deadlifts, etc.) to improve strength 

BARBELL & OLYMPIC LIFTING SEMINARS: These are private group sessions with 6-10 week developmental programs focused on improving lifting techniques and skills, please contact the front desk to learn more about how to sign up. 

AIKIDO: A dynamic and self-defense effective system of throwing, joint-locks, strikes, and pinning techniques.

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